View Full Version : TKD diet and Diabetes

03-28-2007, 03:28 PM
I have read with great interest a lot of posts regarding the TKD. I am threshold Diabetes II, with Insulin resistance (I think). I have tried losing fat on a number of occasions, last one was a reduced calorie diet which was high protein low fat, with the remainder carbs. I wasn't really looking at the composition of my diet but more of a calorific deficit to lose the fat while maintaining as much mass as possible. Nothing seems to work for me so was looking to get a bit of advice from more knowledgable, respected people (read you). I am on 1500mg metformin and am still a bit confused as to whether this is detrimental to my weight loss? I only train twice a week but fairly intensely in a short space of time (30-40 minutes full body sessions), along with free exercises, press ups, pull ups dips etc on non weight training days. I was thinking of introducing 15 mins on a eliptical strider each morning, before eating, as cardio? Any info on the diet would be very welcome.

PS Not sure how the foods in the UK (here) would compare with the foods there. (US)