View Full Version : Need help with diet???

03-30-2007, 10:52 AM
I am 22 years old, at 205-210 with 13-14% bf. Ive been training for a couple of years without any very signifigant gains, I used to crash diet for football and thats the only time Ive ever seen my abs (slightly). I know Im supposed to eat about 3500-3700 calories per day but whatever I do I gain fat. Even if I eat clean, chicken, brown rice, vegetables, fruit, wheat bread, whey protein, oatmeal, I try to eat all clean. Now my question is that is it possible I have to eat even more to loose the last little % of fat to get muscle definiton. Cause that is my main goal. I swell up like a pig when I lift and get compliments all the time for being big but I want to be more muscular. Thats the only conclusion I have left is to eat even more but I just gain fat so I dont. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

And I do cardio as well, tried everything from low intensity - high volume to high intensity - low volume, after workouts and on non-training days. I just started gueriila cardio to see if that helps on my non-training days....thanks again.