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04-05-2007, 07:35 AM
Right now I am training two new superstars to the powerlifting world: Lavan Clement and Cheryl K (I want attempt to spell her last name correctly), but I think that their hard work and accomplishments is worth making note of. First Cheryl K. is a 46 year old graphic artist, graduate of the great Wake Forrest, a single mother of one, and most recently a new true threat on the power scene. We started in late October, and have already increased her lifts as follows: Squat 286-350, Bench 160-200, and best of all deadlift 320-450, and these were done all raw. That’s right, raw, so for any of you who think that Westside/MashMonsterside doesn’t work for the raw lifter, think again baby! We qualified Cheryl for the 2007 APF Nationals raw. At the Nationals she will be debuting in the equipment, and what a debut that will be. She is by far the most relentless, fearless, and most disciplined athlete that I have ever coached. I’m excited to see her tear it up!

My man Lavan or Big L as we call him is going to send fear down the backs of all benchers in the World, when we are done with him. This guys, who is a Steve Goggins look alike, is 5’7” 255lbs of lifetime drug free muscle. This guy is already at a 500 raw bench, and I have only been with him a couple of months. Before that all he did was, get this, 100 reps per exercise for all body parts, and was somehow still relatively strong. The main aspect that I changed right away was the speed at which he performed lifts. He was a conditioned maniac, but slow as syrup. Not Now! This guy is a genetic freak. Yesterday he ate a foot long hot dog with onions, pimento cheese, and chili right before a crazy squat workout, and still rocked the house. As soon as we get his deadlift up, and believe me it is coming fast, then we will start his assault on the power world. Right now he is ready for benching with the best in the world.

As you can see, I am very proud of the work that my athletes are putting out, and the numbers speak for themselves. Hard Work+Smart Work+Heart= Major Progress!

Clifford Gillmore
04-24-2007, 05:19 AM
Sweet work Trav! Its great too see more strength atheletes in world, we need some more freaks :)