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02-23-2002, 05:22 AM
Ok... I doubt many people have this problem, but as a college student I have the luxury of having this problem.

I sleep so much that it is effecting my diet schedule. I'll go to bed around 12:00pm some nights, and wake up around 11:30am the next day. Sometimes I've done this for weeks on end. The problem is getting my 6 - 8 meals per day in on that type of sleep schedule.

What do you guys recommend? Eating more often than every 2 1/2 hours?

02-23-2002, 07:13 AM
Whatsup man how you doin? First of all I would suggest eating more often. Every 2-2 1/2 hours is good. Second of all I would really try to supplement with something like glutamine to help your recovery. Also maybe try melatonin before bed so you can get a deep sleep while youre sleeping..


... What part of South Jersey are you from? My girlfriend lives there and I live like 30 minutes away in North Delaware.

02-23-2002, 07:22 AM
My problem isn't really trouble sleeping - most of the time I sleep deeply. I think the main thing is probably that I hover at that point when you are awake, but too tired to get up.

I see you gave up on the Titan Training routine (me too... doing Max-Ot now). I live in Moorestown, about 5 minutes away from Cherry Hill, and 10 minutes from Philly.

02-23-2002, 12:37 PM
get an alarm clock!or get a job

02-23-2002, 01:36 PM
Have an alarm clock... wakes me up... I shut it off and go back to sleep.

A job? What's that? Remember... I'm in college... I'm trying to avoid the j-word for as long as possible. I think I'll go to graduate school for business, then maybe law school, etc.


No... if I WANTED to get up I could force myself to do it. But its a trade off... rest or nutrition.

02-23-2002, 01:39 PM
Yeah, but even on my worst days I don't need 11 hours of sleep. Nine should cut it easily, if recovery/rest is what you're worried about.

02-23-2002, 05:42 PM
What the *uck!!!! I work midnights and on a good day I get 6 1/2 hours of sleep! Wake up college boy and eat if u sleep that much it is going to make u tired throughout the day. 8 hours should be plenty, and if getting out of bed is that hard.......... well I don't know just get the uck out of bed. Buy the way I'm only 21 and I have to work 7 days a week and train for 6 so thier is no excuse


02-23-2002, 06:06 PM
i second that big poppa pump(workout6to 7 days a week and get about 5or more overtime hours), i think he is over sleeping. you need to keep your body more active. youll find you cant get by with less sleep, dont sleep you life away.

02-23-2002, 07:39 PM
Hey I sleep as much as you. Just eat, I don't see why it is so difficult. Eat at 11.30, 2.00,4.00,6.00,8.00,10.00,12.00. Hey ther is 7 meals. Plus, if your not actually sleeping just get your lazy ass out of bed. Plus, you could just get up when you are in that not sleeping stage grab some food and then go back to bed.

Plus if you can't eat 6-8 meals don't stress, just eat enough in your meals to make up for it.

When I'm home from school I live in Summit, NJ.

02-23-2002, 09:50 PM

I have several ideas/insights:

1. You could do as aeckhardt said --- that doesn't sound too bad.

2. Keep a shaker bottle, meal-replacement powder, and some water next to your bed and drink it when you first wake up.

3. Don't sleep so long...

4. I believe that regardless of the GI of the foods you eat, your body will excrete a certain amount of insulin per unit of glucose put into your bloodstream. Since you have less time to eat in the day, your insulin will need to be higher to maintain your weight, given a set macronutrient ratio. The insulin level threshold for shuttling amino acids into muscle cells is LOWER than the insulin level threshold for lipolysis (storage of blood glucose as FAT). This means that by sleeping so long, you are increasing your fat storage, and cutting the time your muscles have to grow. There are TWO solutions I see to this:

A. Optimize your carbohydrate timing. Use your windows of opportunity to the max. Make sure you consume plenty of simple carbs post-workout, and consume more carbs in the next meal. You could also add some liquid carbs before and during your workout. You would then decrease the amount of carbs eating during the other parts of the day (except possibly morning). Also, eat protein at night to make up for lost growth time.

B. Change your macronutrient ratio. Since your insulin will be relatively higher throughout the day if you eat more in a shorter period, you could make your default diet ISOCALORIC. This means that 1/3 of your calories will be from carbs, 1/3 from protein, and 1/3 from fat. That way fat storage will not be hastened. However, your muscle growth time is still limited. Make sure you eat plenty of slow-absorption protein right before bed.

I think you should just get up earlier. I bet it would improve your workouts and your life.

02-24-2002, 12:35 PM
Wake your ass up earlier, the reason your hovering at that point is b/c of your 12 hours sleep, youll fell better throughout the day if you get up earlier, 8-9 hours sleep will cut it fine. You need the food more than you need the extra 3 hours sleep.. Its not worth it, especially since it makes ya feel like **** the whole day (or at least it does that to me.) If you have trouble falling asleep or getting into a new sleep schedule, get some melatonin, works great at resetting the body clock.. I too am a college student by the way, so I hear ya..

02-24-2002, 01:08 PM
Thanks for the advice... especially plornive - I like to know the science behind it all.

I think I'll just get up earlier. That is easier than rearranging my entire diet that I spent hours putting together in the first place.