View Full Version : SkeetSkeet To The Gym!!!

04-19-2007, 06:35 AM
Haha, like my thread title I bet.
Moving on..

I recently decided to start tracking my workouts and calories very closely. I've been lax on it for about a month now and it's created problems. So I have to do something to get back in the grind of things.

To clarify a few things. For the next while (Until I plateau) I'll be working on the WBB1 routine. I probably won't start for another week due to a near heart attack caused by stress and anxiety but I'm going to track my macros like crazy so in the mean time I can gain a few pounds, ya know??

Guess that's all for now. Up-date you guys later on the food regime..

Best of wishes to everyone...have a good day...

-Skeet Skeet

Oh by the way, I love critique and ideas/opinions from you guys so always tell me the real deal cause believe it or not I am human and don't know everything lol.