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04-24-2007, 12:36 PM
As an athlete with some considerable goals, lately I have wondered what type of woman could possibly fit into my life. I lift weights four times per week and run another three times. I eat six times per day of perfectly thought out meals. I go out and socialize maybe once every six weeks at best. I live eat and sleep my goals of the Olympics and my continued pursuit of the powerlifting record books, so where do I find time for someone special in my life, and who? Lately I have met someone that actually seems to lift me up and make me stronger than ever before. She makes me believe that nothing is impossible, and now it seems to be my destiny. The key to this seems to be equality in the pursuit of excellence. There are several keys that I have observed so far that make this relationship successful and harmonic so far at least.
The most important aspect to this new found happiness in my life is the mutual respect that we give each other. She is a writer and poet, and quite successful to date I might add, and to see her creative side at work is amazing to me. It is incredible at the similarities between the two of us. She has goals! She continually has to practice! She is always looking for new ideas and techniques! She maps out her goals as to obtain each and every one. I am absolutely astonished at the amount of dedication and drive, and to see her in that creative environment is inspiring. I am completely supportive and encourage her to go out and show the world what I already know about her, she is amazing.
On the other hand she is more supportive of me and my goals then anyone has ever been. She loves the athleticism and the drive that I have. She says the Olympics are inevitable, my destiny, and now I believe it. I work harder than ever! I want this more than ever, and I want her with me the whole way. When she is near, I feel unstoppable. I want to work harder. I want my diet more perfect. I want to run faster and jump higher. When someone lifts you to new heights, then that is the person that completes you. This is a true partnership of respect.
I have often wondered if two people could coexist in a relationship where both were equally successful. Most of the time one is the achiever, and the other is the supporting cast. I have never wanted that. I have always wanted someone that would believe in me, and I in turn would believe in them. Maybe the key is to have a difference in passions, or maybe this is just the right one. I realize that this is early on, and maybe this relationship will never blossom, but I am convinced that two people can love each, support each other, and lift each other to new heights. I hope that everyone can find such love and respect for themselves. I know that I am suppose to be this power athlete, and this might make me seem a little soft. Well, I have found that I donít need a fake persona to make me tough. I will let my results determine whether I am tough or not. Wait, I am getting defensive, sorry!

04-24-2007, 06:12 PM
Have you picked out the rings yet! Good for you finding that someone to support and push you along.

04-25-2007, 06:15 AM
My wife doesn't understand what I do at all but supports me in what I do. We are complete opposites in almost every manner. That is one of the biggest things because we feed off of the positive of the other and don't compete in things that we both take extremely seriously. A little healthy competition can be good but when both have the same goals, jealousy, anger and frustration can pop up real quick when one inevitably out-paces the other.

04-25-2007, 07:23 AM

I know exactly the feeling. My relationship with my wife is exactly as you describe, except she's actually into powerlifting, too! She is also very successful in what she does careerwise, as am I. We definitely support each other, and push each other to do well in whatever our pursuits. Perhaps that's one of the reasons I married her?

Sounds like you found a good one.

04-26-2007, 04:39 AM
Theres nothing more amazing then a person who can make you smile in the middle of a deadlift.