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02-24-2002, 08:12 AM
Okay I lost a good amount fat for my 6week-7week diet ,I look defined in my back and shoulders,chest somewhat still have some Fat to lose before Spring break and such......Thinking about a CKD Diet or going up for FULL BLOWN KETO Str8 but i doubt il do full blown because I wanna spare muscle loss

so i read that for every 1 gram of protein i consume i need 1.5 fat gram?

so 200gram protein so i need 300fat ? maybe im confused or that is meant as for every 1 gram of protein I get i get i need 1.5 of fat per Body Weight??

anyway heres a quick Diet Sample

Meal1(PreWorkout) 5whole Eggs
Meal2(Post Workout) 44gram protein Shake,2TBSP Olive Oil
this meal is hard because str8 from the gym i goto School,any suggestions?

Meal3-About1-2grilled Chicken breast with 2tbsp olive Oil
Meal4-3sausage links
Meal5-2slices or whaeva of Spam,or 1/2cup cottage cheese with 1tbsp Natty PB
Meal6-2whole eggs

crap this is hard:/

Who here is on Keto,so i can check your journal and steal some food ideas :D

02-24-2002, 01:04 PM