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04-28-2007, 09:45 AM
Why Do You Do What You Do

Today I was forced to look deep within, and really ask myself why I am doing what I do. I started thinking about this question, and I always go back to my belief that each of us is given certain gifts, and we should use them to inspire, help, or simply make this world a better place. Then I started thinking about if that was really my agenda, or was I being self serving. I canít lie! A huge part of me wants the glory of making the Olympics at 34 years old, and showing all of my doubters that I am ďthe manĒ. Whatever that means! A huge part of me wants to break more world records in powerlifting, and to feel that rush of glory one more time. Also a huge part of me wants to go to Lake Placid and destroy any records that their athletes have established to date, and there are some serious underlying reasons for that, and they are all self-serving with a touch of vengeance. All of this is a part of me, and I know this, but it shouldnít be the underlying reason for my quest, or it is doomed from the beginning, and I will never have happiness with those intentions. Today I had to take a look inside myself, and revisit my true intentions.

After some serious thought and soul searching, I came to some conclusions. God gives us all gifts whether it be athletically, artistically, spiritually, or one of many others. He has given me the gift of explosive athletic ability and strength, and now it is up to me to take that gift to the outer most limits. The thing is what happens when I do just that? God doesnít give you those gifts simply to win medals and to break records. It is what you do with those wins and those records. Do you influence other positively? Do you do good things for others? Do you help others? What Iím trying to say is yes I want to compete in the Olympics, yes I want to break more records in powerlifting, but I want to show others that they can reach their goals also. My mission is to show people of all types no matter what age, sex, race, or background that if they have a dream, any dream, write it down, form a plan, commit, and take action. Whether you want to be a great athlete, writer, artist, business owner, or simply a great parent, put your faith in God and make it happen.

Iím not one that believes that you should sit on your butt and expect God to make all your dreams come true. He only gives you the tools. You have to go out and make it happen. I would love to work with all types of people, and teach them this message. Donít get me wrong! Iím still the same person. I donít think that loosing is ok. I will not be satisfied with second, and I donít think God is either. I expect excellence out of myself, and I have to believe that in the end if I keep my intentions true that all things will happen as they should.

Itís amazing where inspiration comes from! Sometimes it is from tragic moments in life such as my father passing, and sometimes it comes from the most amazing, smiling, brown eyed girl in the world. Open your heart and God will pour the inspiration in!

04-28-2007, 10:14 AM
Here here!

Sleepy Guy
04-29-2007, 11:34 AM
True but I think I do it because I like it. I find every girl I meet asks why I lift to the extent I do.

Simply, I like the challenge of lifting and care less if I beat another's record unless it is a training buddy then I rub it in his face until he can beat it. :windup:

04-30-2007, 04:35 PM
striving for excellence with what God has given me truly is the greatest motivation.

People's applause and public recognition will be fleeting and superficial at best, but the assurance of knowing I have done my best, whether or not people have seen it, will always be there.