View Full Version : Cut to Bulk

05-02-2007, 01:38 PM
hey guys been cutting for the last 2 months on

Protein 253g
Carbs 100g
Fat 70g

altho now sitting at 11 stone fairly happy with condition, have decided to bulk again but less sloppy than my first attempt:) which was basicaly any thing i liked as long as i got 30g of protein per meal.

So i am thinking of keeping the protein and fats the same so 253g and 70g, and adding 50g of carbs so 150g a day,

I will weigh my self 2mrw am, and again the same time a week later, if weight has not increased i will add another 50g of carbs so 200g, if it has i will stay at 150g a day until the weight increases stops, is this a good idea?

Thanks for reading Neil