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05-03-2007, 10:35 AM
Bodyweight: 177lbs
Body Fat: 20%

Protein needed =1.14g of protein per pound of LBM=161.42g protein daily

Maintenance Calories: 2,715.80 + 500(bulking)=3,215.80 Cal/day


161.42 Grams =645.68 cal from protein daily
161.42*25%=40.35 post workout protein
161.42-40.35=121.07g/5(other meals)=24.21g of protein per meal

1,285.06 cal from carbs daily/4=321.26g carbs daily
321.26g-100g(High GI carbs post workout)=221.26g/5(other meals)=44.25g carbs per meal

1,285.06 cal from fats daily/9=142.78g fat/day
142.78/5=28.55g per meal of fat

All fats consumed will be:
Poly-unsaturated Omega-3 fats:
Fish;fish oils;flax seed oil;sunflower oil;corn oil;soybean

Poly-unsaturated Omega-6 fats:
Plants;plant oils; flax seed oil

Mono-unsaturated fats:
avocados;olive oil; canola oil; nuts; flax seed oil

No trans fatty acids and less then 10% fat intake from saturated fats

All Carbs consumed will be will have a GI rating of 50 or less

Also I looked over an article I read last night that stated that consuming 30g of 'good fat' post-workout will elevate post workout testosterone levels!
Has anybody here heard anything to that effect?

That is the breakdown of the diet. I am still working out what foods will be consumed at every meal I have to go to the store and work it out to be really cheap cause I am a broke Mo Fo.

Any advice/comments/opinions on what I have so far would be greatly appreciated



05-03-2007, 10:50 AM
I'd say the macronutrient breakdown looks fine, but a red flag popped up when you posted your maintenance calories - that number looks like it came directly out of a "calorie calculator" or somesuch other garbage.

Do yourself a favor, mate - ditch the calorie calculators and just use www.fitday.com. Track your calories for a week and see what your OWN maintenance calories are, then adjust accordingly. Also, if those bf% and weight measurements are correct, you don't need to obsess so much about the minutiae of EXACTLY how many carbs/fat/protein to be getting every day. Just get it in the ballpark and you'll be fine.

Mr. D
05-03-2007, 10:55 AM
also since you are already at a high bf%, i dont think I would eat that many calories over maintence if any at all. I think you should eat at maintence or maybe 5% over. Go for a nice and slow bulk. That way you can manage your bf levels.

That is unless you are getting into powerlifting and dont care.

05-03-2007, 11:31 AM
I got the maintenance calories from a formula where you take your weight which in my case is 177 you multiply it by 11 and then there is a table where based on your age and metabolism you multiply that number by a certain % in my case it was 40% since I am 25 and consider myself to have a moderate metabolism. I am checking out fit day right now though.

Rock Steady
05-03-2007, 11:42 AM
I would stop looking at it from a 'per meal' perspective. As long as you hit your totals for the day, you're good. Try to get a few more carbs in the morning and a bit more fat at night. Avoid fat surrounding your workouts. It's nice to see such a well thought out diet, but don't forget to check the scale and make sure you're not gaining too slowly/quickly!

Good luck.

05-03-2007, 12:43 PM

Thanks for the compliment. You should see my 24-week lifting plan and my journal. I got a BodyMinder WorkOut and Exercise Journal from Wild Oats. I will be tracking literally everything over the next 24 weeks. I am pretty motivated and very disciplined when I set my mind to something. I was thinking about posting my journal on here to help keep me on track as well.
The daily meal allowances are like you said just going to be a guide for me I have also totaled the daily allowances as well to make sure that I meet my daily needs, but I will probably eat the same exact thing everyday that is what I did last time I did this and it made it easier for me to just not have to think about it and then I prepared all meals in advance becuase I am gone most of the day for work and what not.

I read an article that said that post workout fat helps boost testosterone levels after workout. I was wondering if anyone knew this to be true or false or if anyone has ever heard of this before?