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05-07-2007, 11:11 AM
Ok first of all. Which of these two would be better for strength gains. or does it even matter as these will both get you to the same place at the same speed just different ways of getting there.

1. 3sets of 6 reps. Use the same weight for all sets. once I reach 6 reps for each set then I up the weight. and end off with 1 set of more wight for 2-3 reps


2. 1 set of 10 reps, then 8, 6,4,2 reps. upping the weight each time.

these methods will be used with squats, bench, bb row, shoulder press. the first method would be fine for all 4. but on the second method would i do the 2 rep set for shoulders or bb row? i figured def not for shoulders. ro would i do a different rep scheme for shoulders and bb row if i were to do the 2nd option.

my other question is that i am an 800 meter runner and i want to lift for strength and not as much hypertrophy. so 4 sets of 8-10 reps wouldnt make sense. 3-6 would be more ideal for strength over hypertrophy. Above out of those 2 options I would assume more size would be gained out of the second option with 2 sets at 10 and 8 reps, but i am also going to be running a lot over the summer while doign this so i figured much size wouldnt be put on no matter what i did. I am talking 200 minutes of running would be a low week.

I am 6'2 and 160's so a little extra size anyways probably isn't going to hurt me at all.

i hope this all made sense.

05-07-2007, 01:40 PM
What are you lifting for? I know you said to get stronger (as opposed to bigger), but why? To make you a better runner? B/c you're so tall, yet fairly light?

Either way, size gained will be more a byproduct of caloric consumption vs. calories burned than anything else.

Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the 3x6 method (pretty much like a 5x5 - 1st two sets are warm ups, last 3 are at working weight. When you get all 3 sets x 5, up the weight.). Why the extra set of 2-3 reps? If you've done 3 x 6 right, you should be pretty shot to put any kind of real weight (unless your conditioning/work capacity is REALLY good, and even then I'd have to wonder) up for 2-3 reps.

Another thing to consider - break the workout up into 2 separate workouts. Instead of doing OH press AND bench in the same workout, do them in separate ones dedicated to vertical plane and horizontal plane movement. An example could look like this:

Workout #1:
-OH Press
-(Weighted) Chins

Workout #2:

End each workout with beach (arms) and abs/core work as you so desire.

More about your goals will be more helpful in recommending programs, though...


05-07-2007, 11:38 PM
my goal is to be the best 800 runner I can be.

I have the running part fine. I know so much about running training for middle distance. But when it comes to lifting I am not so sure. Every year I have made improvements in my running time until this year. I am not where I want to be. I think that lifting may be the key point in taking from good to great. In HS i am near the top of the list, and the only runners that are better then me are somewhat bigger and def stronger everywhere. In not only squats, but all over body strength. chest, shoulders, back, core, etc..

So I want to lift in a way that will be the most productive to running 800's.

increase my strength to bodyweight ratio. I know i will not go up 70 pounds in squatting and not put on size, or go up 50 pounds in bench and not get bigger, but just limit hypertrophy. But as you said its more about the in and out ratio, and runnign will probably limit my size gains.

I hope that helps a little more.

05-07-2007, 11:50 PM
heres some exercises I think I should use in my lifting workout plan.

I have limited equipment cause I lift at home. there is not any gym close by enough for me to get to on a regular basis. Its about a 30 minute drive and no car here. The school isnt open during the summer. ( I live In a very small town in the country in the Midwest.) I have a standard size bench w/45 lbs bar, squat rack, ez curl bar, and leg ext/curl extension on the end of my bench. oh and 300 lbs in plates. So I cant do lat pull downs, leg press, calf raises on a machine, etc, but who needs those anyways!

BB row
Standing Shoulder press
Leg Curls
calf raises(on stairs)
arm curl
lying tri ext.
some form of deadlift. SL or normal??

How should I split this up into a 3 day a week workout?

day one - squat, lunges, leg curls, calf raises

day two - bench, BB row, arm curl, lying tri ext

day three - Deadlifts, standing shoulder press

Ok so with the squats, bench, bb row, shoulder press,and deads, i could go the 3 sets heavy of 6 reps right?

then on the lunges, leg curls, calf raises, arm curls, tri ext what would be best to go for those? 8 reps rather then the 6.
and actually for calf raises what should I do for reps and sets since i have to machine? 3x8 would be very easy obviously.

Assuming the above was used and true this would be a potential workout.

Squat 3x6
lunges 3x8
leg curls 3x8
calf raises ??

Bench 3x6
BB row 3x6
arm curl 3x8
tri ext 3x8

deads 3x6
standing shoulder press 3x6

During this time i will be running 5-6 times a week and going to do plyometrics a couple times a week. lifting and running will not be done one right after the other. but one in the am and one in the pm.

mon- lift, run
tues-run, plyo
wed-lift, run
thurs-run, plyo
fri-lift, run

Im sure you will have a lot of changes and suggestions but I just made is up as a place to start from.

05-08-2007, 12:27 AM
heres a page that I found and read that could help you help me.