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05-07-2007, 10:46 AM
I am Wanting to get some info on strong man competitions. I am planning on doing a high school only strong man competition for high school students only. I was wondering if anybody has any events that would work well with this level. I know the options are endless but why reinvent the wheel if it has already been done. Some of the events that exist are too dangerous to put athletes through, I don't want anybody to get hurt doing an event. Just wanting to pick some brains.

ideas I already have:
three weigh classes?

Deadlift for reps
Squat for reps
Bench for reps
truck pull
Farmers walk.
clean and press
Keg throw.
Keg carring race

05-07-2007, 12:31 PM
I participated in a strongman comp a few months back when I was working in the Middle East. It had to be designed fairly easily, so that nobody would get injured, and there was no telling who might end up competing in the contest.

Events were:

-truck pull (we used a golf cart - yeah it was easy :nod: )
-farmer's walk (two 100 lb. DBs)
-heavy bag shoulder for reps
-tire flip (hit your local tire or big rig shop)

Other possibles could include:

-loading event (just transfer a stack of objects from point A to point B - could be DBs, weight plates, odd objects, etc)
-sandbag (insert exercise here - shoulder, shoulder & squat, clean & press, bear hug & walk, etc.) x max reps/distance/time
-timed hold - hanging from a chin bar works well
-If you've got a forest in the area, and can cut down a decent sized tree (at least 1-1.5 feet in diameter), cut a 10-15 foot length (whatever you can transport) and use it for flipping a la fingal fingers - just flip back and forth for max reps in a given time

Hope that helps...


05-07-2007, 12:44 PM
DL for reps is begging for troubles.. No matter how light or heavy, someone will try to go beyond what they should, use bad form and get hurt...

And I probably wouldn't do a heavy throwing event... that would be good for muscle pull somewhere... especially for someone who is not used to throwing...

I think truck pull, farmer's walk and keg carry should be the least injury prone events...
Followed by BP for reps....
Then perhaps log pressing...

Tire flips can be ok if you go light... they are known as the biggest bicep tearing events, b/c of heavy weight at an ackward arm/wrist position...

Sled pulls if you don't have a truck...

Wiggy has some good ideas too.. Sandbags are good... perhaps even for a loading event. 25 lb, 50lb, 100 lb and 150 lb sandbags for loading onto the back of a pickup bed or something not too high..

GL... and let us know how it goes...

05-07-2007, 01:32 PM
I wouldn't necessarily go "light" (per se) on the tire flips. The comp I was in used a tire of a Ford Expedition (or similar vehicle) which wasn't that big. The problem was that it didn't flip real well, making for a hectic event. The tire wanted to bounce all over the place more than anything. You almost had to just get lucky. I know when I flipped it, it bounced back up, ended on its tread, and started rolling away from me! I had to chase the darn thing down!! lol...