View Full Version : Team Challenge for Epilepsy Hosted by Crossfit St. Louis

05-07-2007, 03:46 PM
Crossfit St. Louis hosted a fundraiser for the Epilepsy foundation on April 28th 2007.
Here is the score card after the event was over:

My wife and I were on team "F" and came in last place. I thought the event was going to be based on a crossfit standard of form > time/reps, but I was sadly mistaken as I watched the video back for the first time, and it was pretty much a free for all on getting as many reps as you can in pretty much any form you can muster...:scratch:

The crossfit certified instructor told everyone before we started what would count as a rep, and what wouldn't. i.e. Burpee = Full push-up or drop to knee full push-up, Squat/Wall ball = butt must touch the ball under you, sit-up = head must touch the mat...:mad:

Here is the video of the event:
Team Challenge for Epilepsy (http://www.mydeo.com/videorequest.asp?XID=17462&CID=93832)