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05-10-2007, 05:20 PM
Okay story straight! I'm basicly fed up of being a weakling ;]

I'm 5'9" and weigh 130lbs.

Goal - I wanna get sexy ;]

I've been reading alot of threads on a few website and i've got the basics in my head. Now i need to stop thinking and eat/lift. Calories, calories, calories...


Breakfast - Pint of milk mixed with Promax and a banana - 700calories

Snack - Peanut butter sandwich wholemeal - 350calories

Lunch - Bagette stuffed with as much chicken and mayo as i can eat and a flapjack (large) - 1000calories

Snack - Fruit and some energy thing not sure yet...


Dinner - Well what ever my mother puts in front of me i'll eat... she's a good cook. Usually over 1000calories but if not i'll eat something else for pudding ;]


Monday's Lower,
Calf Raises
Abdominal Leg Raises

Tuesday Swimming!

Wednesday Upper,
Incline Bench Press (dumbbells for the moment)
Shoulder Lift
Dumbbell Biceps Curls

Thursday Swimmings!

Friday Core,
Side Lateral Raises
Crunches (taken out because a certain someone doesn't like sixpacks)
Abdominal Leg Raises (again)

Taking weekend off cos ime lazy!

Im doing all that at home for the moment with free weights which go up to 80kg so ime set for a while... as soon as i get a new job ime joining the gym!

I'll take some pics soon of me as i am... hoping for alot of change!

Tips please!

05-10-2007, 05:59 PM
Who doesn't like six packs? I hope not your girlfriend and if that is the case just tell her your not doing them because you'll get a six pack through losing weight. I hope it goes well for you though.

05-10-2007, 06:01 PM
Eat a protein packed meal before you go to bed. But also make sure u get a bit of fat(the good kind), and carbs in there too.

The routine looks pretty iffy, but there aint much u can do without a gym membership...

Welcome, and good luck!

Bako Lifter
05-10-2007, 06:44 PM
By some protein and make a monster shake before you go to bed.
Protein, milk, peanut butter, banana, etc.

It'll get you another 1,000 calories, and 4,000 a day is what you should be shooting for if you wanna pack on some weight, at least imo.