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05-11-2007, 05:25 PM
Well i have been on a cut since November. I have lost 30 lbs. I have about 10-11 lbs. to go. I am at 10-11%right now. I have started paying closer attention to details like calves, neck, and abdominals and 20-25 min. of cardio as my goals have become closer.

My major muscle groups have been hit during the week. I want to start doing cardio when it's possible on an empty stomach. The weekends are good for me on this.

My question is,,, If i do cardio for 20-25 minutes on an empty stomach,,, can i do abdominals directly after cardio on an empty stomach while i'm already at the gym??? I plan on coming right home from the gym to take in my first meal of the day after this "mini-workout" Is this okay??? Thanks in advance,,,,,

Mr. D
05-11-2007, 05:31 PM
Question: What do you think will happen by working abs?Since you are in caloric deficit, you will not be building any more muscle there.

Hitting them directly once a week is a good idea, but do you lift weights on an empty stomach?

05-11-2007, 06:05 PM
You can but I don't know why you'd want to.

05-11-2007, 06:20 PM
Thanks,,, i guess they shouldn't be treated any differently than any other muscles,, feed,, work,, feed then rest.. Thanks