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06-01-2007, 12:55 AM
Making a summer journal, I really feel confident about my possible improvement this summer and want to start a journal to keep my motivated.

I started training mma and decided to change my leg day to more of a squat and deadlift day, I will alternate which one is me and de weekly to try and maximize improvement in explosive power. I am recovering from injuries but feel alot better and want to start low and improve alot.

Today was legs
1x135 15
315x5 3 sets
505 x3 3 sets

then deadlift
405x5 4 sets.

I felt pretty tired but as of now i'm not really sore, hopefully it will sink it tommorow.

I am hoping to get around the same routine with deadlifts next week and work a little on speed with squats.

Bako Lifter
06-01-2007, 01:36 AM
I can't wait to see what kind of weights you're gonna be movin! Good luck with the journal big guy. How old are you now, 17? And what are you weighin' in at?

06-02-2007, 04:41 AM
I turn 17 July 1

My strength is down a bit but im looking to regain majority while improving my over all well being.

Today was an off day more of a laid back summer day before I really start to kick it back into motion.

Tommorow is shoulders/triceps, looking to get a good burn and finish off with a jog

06-02-2007, 08:31 PM
Pretty good workout today, just got home and treated myself to a delicious creatine and whey milkshake.

I was really hoping my gym time would last longer then it did, i was in an out in about an hour or less. Lately i have so much adrenaline that I can't take extended breaks so im speeding through my workouts; im getting sore and pushing good weight so no complaints.

I work bench 2x a week on my chest and shoulders day, just started benching heavy again so im working a wide grip right now as long as my shoulder holds up, no pain so far but im making sure to warm up the muscles well.


225x8 2 sets
315x5 2 sets
335x3 1 set
365x3 1 set

More of a psuedo bench day, since I hit it heavy on my chest days I mix it up on my shoulders depending on how im feeling. My first sets felt extremely difficult but 365x3 seemed to go the smoothest as I was warm.

Arnold press
45 pounds 4x8

Cable pulldowns ( dunno the exact name, standing sideways with the cable and pushing down pretty much reverse lateral raise where ur pushing down with resistance.
70 pounds each arm
80 pounds each arm
100 pounds each arm

Then i did some lateral raises for
2x12 both arms, 30 pounds.

And finished with the rear delt function on the peckdeck for
3x10 115 145 160

pull downs
110 (strict form emphasis on the burn)

Supersetting each set with 15 knuckle pushups and then afterwords burning out with some seated tricep work ( dunno the name)

06-04-2007, 06:17 PM
Today was back/biceps but back burnt my arms out so bad that I cut biceps short.

Widegrip pulldowns
3 sets of 8 180 225 240

Seated lat pull
2x8 300 325

Bent over rows
3x8 135 ( trying to nail form)

closegrip pullups
3x5 bodyweight(265)

1 arm seated lat pull
120 pounds x10 each arm.

Then biceps

1 armed preacher curls
2x8 each arm 60 pound

bicep machine
3x12 115

finished off with 16 minutes on the bike.

06-06-2007, 01:32 AM
Today was some chest, ive been a little hesitiant to work heavy on any pressing movements since I injured my shoulder and broke my hand but i thought today went well.

Incline bench
2x8 225
2x5 255
1x4 315 ( was shooting for 2 but hit 3 unassisted and one with a spotter)

Flat bench
5x3 225 just working for some speed and form, my heavy days take place on my shoulder days so today I'm just working the muscle memory and trying to improve at tucking my elbows

dumbell flat bench
2x8 105 Never have done flat bench in my life with dumbells, usually work incline so I was surprised at how well the weight went up.

incline dumbell flys
3x10 75, trying to get a final burn will jump up too 100 next time was way way too easy.

Went to go for a few sets of chest on the machine, only was able to push out 5 on a set in which i was shooting for 8, decided to call it a day and get some food.