View Full Version : Creatine's a helluva drug.

06-12-2007, 07:25 AM
ok, so it's not quite a drug, but i didn't want to make a crack reference on a bodybuilding forum.

23 year old from australia, been lifting weights on and off for the past few years (more off than on). went from a 95kg lard-ass to a 72kg seth cohen clone (did i just admit to having watched the OC?) and then back to a respectable 90kg at a decent bodyfat percentage.

i've been rather consistent for the past 4 or so months in regards to weight lifting, just needing a little extra motivation in regards to keeping the diet on track, thus i find myself here.

to help keep myself motivated i'll be keeping a scoring tally:

1 point for making a meal
2 points for making a cardio / weight session
-1 for missing a meal
-2 for missing a cardio / weight session

at each 50 point interval i'll allow myself a cheat meal (mmmm, i can smell the indian take-out already!) and at each 100 point interval i'll allow myself a night out drinking (gotta help keep myself sane somehow, right?)

2 whole egg
3 egg white
2 slices wm bread
15mL oil

20g whey
400mL milk
5g creatine
400mL cordial

turkish bread
100g roast beef
100g vegetables
30g mozarella

50g mushroom
1/2 capsicum
100g cucumber
4 cherry tomato
20mL flaxseed oil

150g lean meat
6 asparagus sticks

late-night snack:
20g whey
400mL milk
4 celery sticks
100g tzuki dip

calories: 2124
protein: 216g
carbs: 138g
fat: 91.2g

i'll be doing your generic upper / lower body split, focusing on different body parts each workout along with some light AM cardio before work if i wake up early enough.