View Full Version : Need helping losing fat

06-12-2007, 04:04 PM
I've finally got a friend of mine into working out

This is what I've suggested to him, he is a beginner

1g of protein/lb
.5g of fat /lb
.4gs of carbs/lb

he is 240lbs, 5'10 and about 35% bf
He tried to do the 5x5 i was doing when I was workingout but he didn't like it. He likes the 3x8 better

so, he is doing

chest + tris
back + bis

abs everyday and 25min of HIIT (10sec sprint, 30sec rest)

Anything anyone can recommend?

Oh sorry, his source or protein is chicken, eggs, and shakes

Fat is coming from udos 3, 6, 9, oil, havarti cheese and the omega 3 eggs

carbs are coming from the veggies

He is also going to start taking glutimine, multi viatmins and a fat burner in the morning.

Any thing wrong with this?