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06-14-2007, 03:10 PM
Hey guys, this thread is where i will be posting my training and nutrition. I am doing this so that i have some sort of marker of where i have been to where i want to be. where i want to be is where i can take off my shirt on the beach and girls will look at my body, where i can go a full match of any fighting style and still be able to keep going and still have the power to back up my conditioning, and most importantly i want to be at the place where i will be free of any chance of me following in the footsteps of my father in developing diabetes and all the complicaions that come with it.


6ft. 2in.
Waist- 49
Thigh- 32
Chest- 50

DL: 515lbs
SQ: 500lbs
Bench: 340lbs

I attribute much of my poundages in my lifts to the westside type of training i used to do. And of course the fact my diet when doing westside was way out of control. Now i am trying to clean up my diet (since losing fat and bodyweight is about 75% diet).

Current training:
I was going to put links in here but i guess i can't because the rules they placed in here (i guess to keep spammers out).

Summary then-

Full Body Training + Sprints
Full Body Complexes + 20-30min runs

And my diet (new way of eating) is as such:

meal 1: oatmeal and eggs, and tea
meal 2: shake, fruit and PB
meal 3: vegetables and chicken
meal 4: shake
meal 5: shake and fruit
meal 6: vegetables and protein
meal 7: sunflower seeds

this will change day to day, especially this summer because i have an internship where my time schedule will constantly change but i will try my hardest to keep this structure.


Drop bodyfat from current stats to single digits- within a 1.5 - 2 years
(main aesthetic goal)

Well you guys can stop by and drop comments, or just lurk if you want. For those that will drop comments and help me out...Thanks in advance