View Full Version : Noobs quest to getting ripped - BEEFCAAAKE!

06-18-2007, 07:13 PM
32 Years Old
Weight: around 200 (no scale)
Height 5'11
Bodyfat: no idea

what I want to achieve overall
bigger arms, a defined chest, thicker thighs. not worried about the abs as my lady prefers a man with a gut hehe.

goals for the month
to be able to get a good routine going and stick with it. Even if I don't see visable changes I want to be able to lift more weight and do more reps by month end.

Current Routine
2x a week
flat chest press 2 sets 12 reps
Overhead Press " "
Lying Triceps Extension " "
overhead triceps extension " "
Standing Curl " "
Single Arm Row " "

1x a week
Stationary Lunge 2/12
Stiff-Leg Dead Lift " "
Calf Raise " "
Ab Crunch " "
Lying Trunk Rotation " "

2x a week
work on on my Slam Man (Boxing machine) for 20 minutes, seems to be a great cardio especially when I incorperate my Ali like Rope-A-Dope foot movement and dance like a butterfly.

I just started 1 week ago, but I think this week is really my first where I'm totally into it. This routine is straight out of the Bowflex book, anyone have suggestions what to add/remove/change let me know! I'm out of shape as hell so I'm starting with 20lb's on the dumbbells to ease into things.

I don't have a scale yet so I don't know my exact weight orbf% but seeing how I'm 5'11, 200lb, didn't work out at all before and eat like crap. I'd say it's way too high :) No pic but I'll take a few tomorrow so I have before and after ones (hopefully they'll be a difference after hhehe) My weight never really fluctuates so 200 is within 5lbs. I know I need to go buy a scale :)

I slept a lot and eat throughout most of the day, don't really do meals just sort of munch, sometimes when I'm not even really hungry. My metabolism is crazy, I never really sway from 200lb no matter how much of how badly I eat. My diet is pathetic but I'm working on it. Cut out most of my sugars and cut back some on super fatty foods. Gong to get some Whey or something and do a couple shakes a day.

I have a set of free weights but I'm not sure how much I could lift, like I said I haven't really worked out since high school so I can only imagine it would be pretty pathetic. But that's why I'm working out so I can change that.

anyone with experience please feel free to chime in. If anything I want to bulk up, not really interested in leaning up and putting on some muscle. The free weights I have are pretty amateurish, I think 125# total but I will upgrade when 125 becomes too easy. my dumbbells are the Bowflex Selecttech 552's, which are up to 52.5lb per dumbell. People are telling me this isn't nearly enough(??) I can see that being the case for Press exercises but for curls and such it seems like that would be a good amount? If I out grow them I will upgrade to the 1022's which are 92.5lb per dumbells.

any ways sorry I wrote so much, just would love some ideas, feedback whatever. To help motivate me some more. Well more so direction, as I have modivation but if I'm not working out correctly I'll be wasting my time and I'd really like to start off right, doing it wrong from the jump is pointless.

06-20-2007, 09:30 PM
I totally forgot to pay attention to when I started so I'm not sure how long I went. But when I was finished I couldn't do anything else so it was long enough.

Incline Bench Curls - 2 15 rep sets
Overhead Triceps Extension " "
Incline Chest Fly - 1 15 rep set 1 10 rep set
Single Arm Row 4 sets 15 reps (each arm twice)
Lateral Raise 1 11 rep set

I probably should do more sets with less reps and more weight? like 5x5 w/25lb? I had 20lb on the bells.

The Lateral Raises - I couldn't get my arms out straight with my shoulders, OOOHHHH this one kicked my a$$, I think partially because I did it last. But it seems like it's just a lot more intense then a curl or press. I'm going to try it Friday doing it first and see how I hold up. The Chest Fly was pretty tough for me too. Having not worked out in years and years I guess it didn't take much to really poop me out. I was disappointed by feeling so tired with only doing 20lb's. But I guess you have to start somewhere and can't expect to be power lifting after 5 days.

Anyone care to critique my workout PLEASE do so! tomorrow I'm going to work my legs and abs, maybe some boxing and squats, but I'd like to get a lifting routine in order for Friday.

06-24-2007, 01:55 PM
6/22 worked out 30 minutes, basically the same set as before with 10 reps x 2 sets each and 5lb extra weight. Also did some squats with 50lb on a barbell.

today same routine but went 5/5, I think more sets with less reps works well (thanks to who suggested it here)

Going to buy a pull up bar sometime this week I'm probably incapable of doing a single pull up but hay I have to start somewhere :)