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06-20-2007, 01:37 PM
I'm 21/m, 5'10", 225lbs, ~30%BF?

I'm trying to cut down to... 180lbs, ~12%BF. I figured it'll take in upwards of 6 months at 2lb/week. Right now I'm shooting for 2100cals/week and would adjust as nessicary to keep at least 2lb reduction a week (either decrease cals or increase activity).

This is my mealplan

Basically I'll be taking 1 thing from main dish for each meal, 1 or 2 from side dish, 1 vegetable when appropriate. Theres a midday snack of a fresh fruit, and afternoon snack of 1/4c nuts or celery & pb.

Each day with breakfast I'll be taking a one-a-day mens multi and 1 cap 2.5g fish oil. Throughout the day I'll be drinking water, or water flavored with zero calorie flavoring.

On the absolute worst meal choices for each I'm at 80g protein (1g/kg for me would be 102g). I may need to supplement fiber, though, I should be getting like 30g I guess, which is a ton.

Any thoughts as to what I'm doing right or wrong, or ideas for what i can add?

edit: ps for the spreadsheet MWL = miracle whip light, PB = peanut butter, WW = Whole Wheat.

Mr. D
06-20-2007, 02:05 PM
What are your macros for the day?

Only 80g of protein? Thats for too low when you are in caloric deficit as such.

If you are set on 2100 cals, I would set up the diet as such:

175g protein
80g fat (make sure to get 6-10g fish oil included in this)
175g carbs (at least 25g fibre)

For a total of 2120 cals.

06-20-2007, 02:59 PM
The 80g figure was sort of a worst case, I'm figuring the average as its set up I'd be taking in about 110g/protein, without any supplemental. 140-150 if im drinking muscle milk or anything else on top of that (which based on what you've said, will be a requirement). I'll need to track a week of it on fitday to be sure.

To add to fiber, ive included eating brown rice, whole wheat bread, and was planning to maybe mix 2tsp benefiber into my muscle milk (adds 6g fiber).

I kept thinking 1g/kg, but forgot should be higher when in a defecit like mine, thanks :)

06-20-2007, 05:38 PM
2100 is low. I would start higher then as you stall you can drop it more. Not really anywhere to go starting there.