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06-24-2007, 06:41 PM
Hey, the title is a little confusing, but when I have an early appointment to get to, the breakfast I usually make takes too long, does anyone know of a dry food who's fat: protein ratio is around 1:2 or better? Taste isn't much of an issue. I was looking at Alton Brown's Lentil Cookies (http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,1977,FOOD_9936_35628,00.html)

But it dosen't have any nutrional info. Anyone have any advice? thanks.

(BTW Alton Brown did an episode on Lentils and made about 3 recipes. The Lentil Cookies, Lentil Soup, and Lentil Salad. I tried the Lentil Soup and it is delicious. For about every 1/4th cup of Lentils is about 10g of protein with about less than 1g of fat.)

06-25-2007, 11:36 PM
my sister lives on protien pancakes....dry quick oats ground up or strait from the can couple scoups protien powder and enough water to make it like a pancake like mixtures....add any spices or splenda and your good to go you could also add peanutbutter if you want more fat in there cuz i ahve no clue what ratio you would have already...you can cook those up the night before and be good to go

you can also add egg whites