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06-30-2007, 12:45 PM
When I started dieting, and working out back in February, I weighed 424.3 lbs. I realized I had to do something, being 22, always being big, but growing sick of it, tired of not being able to do things I should be doing. I've always wanted to be in Law Enforcement, and decided what better time to start than then? So, now I'm here down to 359. Here's my dilemma. I'm new to this whole dieting and losing weight thing, ha. At times, it seems like I lost 2-3 pounds a week, then other weeks I stick at a weight. Is this normal? I want to be down to at least 250 by this time next year, I think I can get real close, if not pushing past that mark. Any advice as to how to go about a steady weight loss? Or is it just fluctuation on and off the whole time.

06-30-2007, 01:53 PM
There are variations of dieting/cutting that people perform. Some people account for a weekly refeed, and I reason the logic behind it is your body might be going into a starvation mode and want to hold onto its fat, which you want to prevent from happening, so one day a week you eat near your maintenence cals instead of being at a defecit.

424 to 359 in 4 months is great progress! I'm sort of in your boat (unhappy then decided I need to get off my ass and do something about it). Weight training is great but you will want to incorporate cardio to get some of the pounds to come off.

Built made a great article "how to do cardio if you must" which is HIIT, which is highly reccomended if you havent already. Keep in mind 2-3lbs a week is what is considered safe, achievable, and maintainable weight loss, so that really isnt bad as you think. If you havent already, track your food intake, weight, and activity on fitday.com

Mr. D
06-30-2007, 02:30 PM
at your weight, you should stay away from high impact, high intensity cardio. It just might be too tough on the joints. The HIIT would be best reserved for when you get to that last level.

Every morning when you wake up, go for a 30 minute walk.
After you workout, do another 30 minutes fast incline walk on the treadmill.
On off days, you can do as much SS cardio as you like.

What is your current lifting routine?

Do you track your cals?What is your macro breakdown?

Congrats on the weight loss so far. The bigger you are the easier the weight will fall off. Keep at it. And know that you are making an entire lifestyle change.

Good Luck!

06-30-2007, 10:48 PM
I don't track my Calories, but I keep hearing I should, so I believe starting tomorrow I'm going to start a fitday.com account. I've been in sports my whole life, I've always been active, just been big too, because I used to eat a lot of junk. I played baseball all through middle and high school, played football in high school, soccer when I was younger, was in the high school band as well as marched for the Glassmen in Drum Corps International for 2 years.

As far as my lifting routine, when I get to the gym, usually 4-5 sometimes 6 days a week, I start on a bike. I bike for 5 miles in 20 minutes. After that, I job on a treadmill. Right now, I'm at .5 of a mile in 6 minutes. After that, I guess it depends on how I'm feeling as to what I lift. My dead lift is at 400, leg press is 785, squats are crappy for me at 365, I don't bench much at all right now, I want to get to a lower weight before benching a lot.

Usually every day I'm in the gym, I do the following on weights.

Tricep Extension 25 times at 150 pounds
Arm Curls on a machine at 65 lbs each arm 50 times
Pull Downs with 65 lbs 50 times
Repeat all at least twice before calling it quits.

Again, it varies for me day to day as to my lifting routine. Some times I feel good and want to lift a lot, as well as bike and jog, but I make sure every time I'm in there, at least 5 miles on a bike, then at least 5 minutes at a quick jog.

Mr. D
07-01-2007, 12:11 AM
I really think you should follow a set lifting routine and make it the center of your energy expenditure. Your metabolism will thank you and so will the mirror when you eventually drop the fat.

Follow a good 4 day, upper/lower split like WBB1.1 or Baby Got Back. Supplement it with cardio. Two of those links are in my signature.

Even though you havent been tracking, what do you normally eat/drink throughout the day?

07-01-2007, 02:51 PM
I drink a lot of water and some juices through the day, very seldom do I drink a soda, if it is, it's a diet. I eat a 6 inch cold cut from subway probably twice a week for lunch while at work, sometimes I don't eat lunch. For breakfast usually just a cereal bar. Dinner is different each night, usually either something with chicken, or hamburger meat. I normally eat 2-3 meals a day.

Mr. D
07-01-2007, 03:36 PM
I think we really need to get your diet on track. You seem to be undereating and not getting enough nutrients.

You should aim to get 1g/lbm of protein and 1g/lbm of fat. After that fill the rest of your cals with carbs,protein,fat as you like.

Fruit juice and soda are basically pretty much the same. I would ditch the juice as well, if you want to have fruit, eat it not drink it.

you should try tracking on www.fitday.com