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07-06-2007, 12:40 PM
Here is an article written by Amanda Bukners conditioning coach.


Keep in mind this is in referenceto MMA.

"Aerobic Training Sucks for Achieving Fitness Goals

Aerobic training is pretty much a total waste of time. There is nothing in any martial art that is done aerobically it is done at high intensity, explosively and at full speed usually without oxygen. Martial arts take place at the limits of the anaerobic threshold there is no benefit to doing long slow training of any kind with the exception of doing an easy flush recovery workout. The reality is that conventional aerobic training is only good to get a person fit enough to tolerate interval training. If you review the current literature the fastest way to raise VO2 max, the standard measure of aerobic fitness, is through interval training. If your desire is to have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance then you should be doing interval training. I have never had anyone come up to me and hold up a picture of a kenyan marathon runner and say "I want to look like this guy". The appearance they are looking for is a lot more like Ben Johnson or Marion Jones. If aerobic training isn't as effective then why do so many people do it? Because it's easy! Interval training is hard and uncomfortable. Take a look at your local healthclub-what are the most popular pieces of equiptment? Elliptical trainers. Why? Because it is the easiest. Human nature at work. How many peope do you see using a versa climber? Step Mill? Airdyne? You don't because most gyms don't have them-they are too hard and they just collect dust.

Utilize Bikes, Treadmills (high incline-minimum of 5%), shuttle runs (15-25 yards) they have a high metabolic demand and muscular demand using acceleration and deceleration, airdynes, slideboards, or stairs. You can utilize a varied prescription to perform your program for example 15/45's (15 sec work/45 second rest) 8-10 reps x2sets, 30/1:30's, 5-6 reps x2-3 sets, Tabatas 20/10, x6-8 reps 3 minute rest x2 sets, or you can use longer intervals. Interval 1: 60s/45 sec Interval 2: 60s/60s, Interval 3: 60s/75s, Interval 4: 60s/90s. Those are just a few examples of the modes you can utilize. I would do these 3-5 times per week and vary them up. In conclusion interval training is superior for all goals except recovery. Interval training will improve fitness better than steady state work and will reduce bodyfat better than steady state work. If you want results interval train."

-Stanley Skolfield, ATC, CSCS

07-06-2007, 06:25 PM
Spot on.

07-09-2007, 02:39 PM
I think he could have used better examples from the world of track and field. Maybe a couple who hadn't been busted.