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03-02-2002, 11:26 AM
The last 6 month I have been playing around with PL, but now I want to go back to BB. This is the routine I plan to follow for the next 3 month. I want to gain a few pounds of muscles AND cut some fat before summer, and I will follow a good diet. Please feel free to critique my routine :)

monday - chest, biceps, abs

bb benchpress 5x5
incline db press 3x8
db benchpress 3x8

barbell curl 3x8
db curl 2x8
hammer curls 2x8

chrunch 3 set
rev. chrunch 3set
twist chrunch 2 set

wedensday - back, calf

deadlift 5x5
bb rows 3x8
chins 50 reps
cabel row 3x8
shrugs 3x10

standing calfraise 3x15

friday - shoulders, triceps, abs

sitting db press 3x8
laterals 3x10
bent laterals 3x10
rotatorcuff work (due to old injuri :( )

dips 3 set
frenchpress 3x8
pushdown 3x8

abs same as monday

saturday - legs

squat 5x5
legpress 3x8 (or frontsquat)
legcurl 3x8
stiff legged deadlift 3x8
standing calfraise 3x12

I do cardio 3-4 times a week

03-04-2002, 10:15 AM
Its looks good.

You should lose five of the pressing sets for chest, and add a two flyer sets.

I would drop two biceps sets and add two calf sets. The muscle are about the same size and should be worked with the same number of sets.

Drop one of the rows and the shrugs. also Drop one of the laterals, theres too many sets for shoulders.

Theirs too many sets for tris too I would drop on of the exersices. Drop the leg press, there's too many pressing exerices for legs.