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big calvin
07-14-2007, 10:35 PM
hello all, i had a couple questions about my diet i was hoping to get some help with. i started weight lifting again but this time i started training with my wife and things are a little different. mainly because im not sure what will work for her and if it works for me. the training has been going good but the diet i dont know what to tell her. i normally do very low carbs when i diet and it doesnt bother me to eat alot of meat and nothing else. she on the other hand cant. she likes bagels and oats and pasta ( bad bad for me!). im trying to make a plan that will work for both of us( mainly because she cooks most of the meals so it is easier if we eat the same foods.

i thought maybe a portion diet would be best for both of us because we would learn how to eat and it would last use a lifetime. instead of having her do atkins and then getting off it in 2 months. i am 5'11'' 351 lbs 24 years old and she is 5'5" 258lbs 20 years old. i think portions would work for us but the only thing is we already eat "healthy" so im worried it would do anything for us unless the portions are very small. we eat brown rice,wheat pasta, skim milk,chicken breast ect. but we eat alot of it. mainly because of time. i eat 3 meals but there like 14oz. chicken breast, 2-3 cups pasta for dinner or say 12-14oz. steak and 2-3 cups rice. my portions are large as you can see. im use to eating atkins when i diet so i eat ALOT of food and i hate eating 8oz. chicken and 1 cup rice. its just to small for me. i have lifted before and when we went back to the gym my numbers are very low but not as bad as i thought they would be for not being in the gym for couple years (185x8 bench,75x7 barbell curls,630x8 leg press). here is what i told her and she said she could do it. any thoughts?

1-2 whole eggs,3-5 egg whites,ham and low fat cheese omelet
1-2 slices wheat bread
1 pk. oatmeal

1 pk. oatmeal
1 cup 1% milk
2 scoops whey mixed in oats

2-3 scoops whey protein
1-2 cups 1% milk


2-3 cottage cheese with fruit(berries) snake packs

2 turkey and low fat cheese sandwiches on wheat


6-8oz. grilled chicken breast on 1-2 pitas

same as above

6-8oz. chicken breast/ ground turkey/ lean steak
1-1.5 cups brown rice/ wheat pasta/ sweet potatoe

im trying to keep her around 2000 calories more or less and me at 3000 calories more or less.

working out 4x a week in the gym and walkin 4x a week 20-30min.