View Full Version : Bulking up after being in hospital

07-21-2007, 08:13 AM
After a lengthy stay in hospital i have lost alot of fat and muscle, i started back at the gym pretty hard 2 weeks ago and now i have alot of muscle definition (which i have never had) i was never "fat" Everyone used to say i was this guys double to the point of my nickname being his sirname:


but now i look like this guy build wise


anyway back to the point of this post, what would be the best way of gaining back the weight i have lost (42lbs) but without gaining back the layer of fat i had.
I am taking creatine, that has brought my strength and endurance back to what it was before i was hospitalised, and i aim to sink 200g of protien a day.

My gym work is pretty much sorted as i train with a guy who competes, but his advice on nutrition was pretty vauge (EAT,TRAIN,EAT). I eat very clean now, before i was in hospital i ate alot of junk, i wont go into my diet but i eat a small meal every 3 hours, e.g a skinless chicken breast,baked potato,broccoli, and i have given up alcohol, i used to drink heavily.

my stats have changed from:
Height 195cm
Weight 224lbs to 182lbs
waist - 36 to 31
Chest - 44 to 40
Bicep - 17 to 15
my neck,wrists and hips have stayed the same near enough.

I would have stayed at the weight i am now but i have had alot of people tell me how much size/weight i have lost and its getting depressing now because im getting it all the time and all my t-shirts hang on me now instead of being fitted.

Not sure how relevant this is but i have been lifting for around 3 years now.

Oh and one final thing hi! im new here :cool: