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07-22-2007, 09:41 AM
I'm currently 150 ( I was 159 ) , i started working out pretty strong and I've been loosing weight, I must not be eating right at all. I'm a busy person through-out the day besides sunday and it's tough stopping and focusing on foods to eat.. or even what to eat. I usually do my work out at 3:00-4:15pm, My day eating consist of

Morning ( i leave for work at 5:30 so whatever is a the store i grab)

Breakfast sandwhich ( sausage egg and cheese) Sometimes i substitute this with a turkey or italian sub wrap instead

Small pack of honey roasted nuts

Apple's and penutbutter

choc milk

orange juice

32 oz of water


Sometimes a caesar salad with hardboiled eggs in it, maybe left overs like pasta, maybe a blt,



Around 3:00pm i start my workout ( sometimes i start to feel hungry when im working out )

then 4:15ish hits and im finishing up my workout, i make myself a whey shake, I put in about 6oz of milk, a cup of yogart, a thing of ( fruit in a cup), a bananna, a spoon of penutbutter, a cup and a half of whey protien, then 2 icecubes and blend it all up.

Then i head to my college classes at 4:40.. get home around 8:00pm and i'll usually eat whatever the parents had that they left for me. Sometimes its pasta, or chicken, maybe meatloaf mashed potatoes, stringbeans, veggies.

That's pretty much it, I need some help bulking up i think my body isnt getting the right foods so im not gaining a lot of muscle. I havent been able to increase my strength at all..

Most of the time im working my upper body and I'll hit the eliptical trainer for 7-12 minutes at a pretty intense work-out.

Upper body workout consist of ( i dont know most of the terms )


Bench 135 , 2 sets of 10, i max at 185 : ( 155 ive only been able to squeeze 8

after the bench i'll grab 2 35lb dumbells ( i need like 45's now tho) and i'll lay on my back on the bench and basically like im bench pressing, I do 2 sets of 13 reps of those

Then i'll put one knee and one hand on the bench with one leg down ( like i said unsure of the terms) and pull the dumbell up to me then switch sides.. i do this 2 sets 13 reps

then i'll do 3 sets of 5 curls per arm with the 35lb dumbells

then after that i do 2 sets of 20 pulls of 70lbs. Its looks like handlebars that i pull toward me ( its a golds gym set up that i bought)

after that i do 2 sets of 20 push-ups at an incline

Then maybe a good ab workout

Here's a few pics, last year i put down "error 4" in gym class for body fat. thanks for taking the time to help me out.



07-22-2007, 10:19 AM
148 :(

07-23-2007, 09:36 AM
what you need to do is find your maintenance calories by tracking everything you put into your mouth for a week or so on www.fitday.com, and increase cals by 500, until you start to gain. As far as training...you need to train your whole body. Just doing upper body with weights and lower body on the elliptical won't help you grow. Look into one of the routines already layed out for you in the bodybuilding section.

eat in surplus, rest, and lift heavy (full body) and you will get bigger before you know it.

07-23-2007, 07:23 PM
yeah i went on that site and it seems like what i eat isnt on there.. or they just have diff terminology. say i eat 4 eggs for breakfast.. thats isnt on there. Or say a spoon of just penutbutter, like crunching the numbers in for my shake. I just want it to be accurate ya know. I'll try with it again. My set up is a whole bunch in 1.. i gotta move things and adjust things in order to do squats and dead lifts ect.. its a pita to adjust all that stuff! I might have to get another bar or just start moving it and putting it back every time

Bako Lifter
07-23-2007, 07:27 PM

07-23-2007, 07:45 PM
Also, you should be training your legs at least once a week if not as often as you train your upper body.

07-23-2007, 07:56 PM
i usually train my upper body 3 days in a row then a day off.. then i'll run on the eliptical on those days off. So maybe incorporate some dead lifts in there? I was in strength training at school for awhile and i was actually noticing the difference.. so i do know when to power breath.. and how to lift stuff like that.. Im not a total noob lol just need better direction i guess you could say. thanks bako lifter i'll try that feature on there.