The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Second presidential debate

    Second debate polls...
    Fox News: Kerry 56%-Bush 43%...
    ABCNews: Kerry 44%, Bush 41%...
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    Hey Bush fans, read this:

    Hey Bush fans, read this:
  4. This is easier, so now i can get ur input???

    Wow ive been looking around the web for pics of what i want to look like basically. Seeing im sooo short, 5'5...this is what im trying to look like:

    The small picture of the guy holding the...
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    Yeah my college serves very little good food. It...

    Yeah my college serves very little good food. It has the burgers with fries, sometimes buffalo burgers, sausage burgers, pastas, pizza- sometimes sandwiches, meat and veggies, jello, desserts. fruit,...
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    can u critique my diet so far??

    Hey so now im in college...i have a 19 meal a week plan plus a 325 dollar card to spend on food (and laundry). I usually go to the gym on Tuesday for shoulders- 45 minutes, thursday for back/biceps,...
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    nutrition guru's...i need ur help!!!

    sup guys...yeah im looking at this growth booster called PROLEX, to help me grow taller. i wanna ask everyone about the ingredients and see if they are safe ingredients first...
    Prolex comes in a...
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    eating before workout in morning??

    Hey guys...i heard that if u workout close-to-like, first thing in the morning...u shouldnt eat first. You should use the gym first, then eat your this true??
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    carbs and fats, which is better

    ur body needs protein, carbs, fats, vitamins to build muscle. if u go on low-carb u deprive ur body of some bodybuilding nutrients, and same with fat. but i notice when i go on low-carb diets i dont...
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    i need cardiovascular help

    so yeah, i told u all about the diet i was gonna try. im running 2 miles first thing in the morning, then working out about every 3 days or so, total body workout. but i seem to be burning off more...
  11. running or long walks better for fat loss??

    yeah unfortunately i proved i have no self-control and my diet that started today ended in only...3 hours, lol, damn nutri-grain bars, cant stay away from them. I ran 2 miles first in the morning,...
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    posture exercises

    my next question is, someone under one of the forums told me of "posture" exercises. Well i realize thats something i need, lol. Im only 5'5, around 170 and i got this big lower body where my ass...
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    i need motivation for dieting

    Hey guys, im going to canada in 3 weeks for college. I havent weighed myself in nearly 3 weeks, but im planning on losing 4 pounds a week. I ALREADY eat low-carb, and use the gym twice a week, its...
  14. how do i know if my muscles have healed???

    hey again, i wanted to ask 2 different questions. People tell me when they workout they wake up the next morning and their muscles are sore. Well i workout too, and sometimes get this feeling like i...
  15. need help with my lower back, gut, chest fat

    Hey guys long time no see, ive been gone on vacation. Ya know i keep going up and down with weight, i was out of the gym for 4 weeks and i felt sooo fatter...finally i started going back to the gym,...
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    gynecomestia surgery...yikes!

    hey guys, i had my yearly physical with my doctor last week and i mentioned to him my problem with the fat in the chest, also known as gyno. he told me that since im 18, i probably have gynecomestia...
  17. thanks for the help, but one last question...

    i made a new threat cuz im afraid some people wont look at the old one....but u all say eat the healthy fats and healthy carbs, right?? so basically what ur telling me is to go on the south beach...
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    another thing, lol sorry...i tried the...

    another thing, lol sorry...i tried the well-balanced diet a while ago and i lost about 3 pounds every week for 3 weeks. then after that i stopped losing weight and i gained it back sooooooooo...
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    can u all do me a favor???

    Hey. So im hearing a lot about well-balanced diet. Well if u all can tell me what foods go into a well balanced diet, id like to do it. Um, my favor is...i created a webpage of myself and put pics on...
  20. sure thing AOL and MSN screen-name is...

    sure thing AOL and MSN screen-name is VenezianPrince if u wanna talk further more about it.
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