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  1. All good advice, but in addition to the advice...

    All good advice, but in addition to the advice given above, you can take a much more active role in this natural process if you want.

    Learning how to relax is an essential techniques; and this is...
  2. stretching weakening contraction forces

    Q. reply.

    There is no problem stretching ankles before squatting, and same with hips and lower back, if you want a deep bottom position.

    My recommendation is to do our flexibility work after...
  3. May I make some suggestions re. the thee stretches?

    Hello all,

    Riley wrote:

    Let me make a few scene-setting comments first. The hip flexors ('HF', psoas, rectus femoris and iliacus) are reciprocal inhibitors of the glutes. What this means is...
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