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    Has my metabolism gone dead?

    I've been watching the diet (reduced the calories and the fat), am doing stregnth training 2 nights a week, cardio training 3 nights a week, and pre-breakfast cardio training 4 mornings a week with...
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    Stretching: Chest and shoulders...

    What's the best way to stretch the chest and shoulders post-workout?
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    2 good ones:

    2 good ones:
  4. best way to "get your lungs" up in a few weeks?

    Guys -

    I must admit that I've been a little slack on the training end since married life has set-in (the overweight/out-of-shape bug has set in).

    Got a new flag football season starting up in a...
  5. will power do you stay 'on track'

    Guys -

    I'm having some serious will-power issues on both the training and diet ends right now.

    I'm pretty busy, but I do certainly have time to get the workouts in...its just that I've gotten...
  6. In that case, would it be recommended NOT to take...

    In that case, would it be recommended NOT to take an ECA during Keto?
  7. keto questions...atkins vs. traditional

    All -

    I've got a few quick questions on Keto and specifically the differences between Keto and the
    "Atkins-style" approach (which I suppose Atkins is essentiall just a keto diet anyway).

  8. All - Here's a little "sample" diet I came up...

    All -

    Here's a little "sample" diet I came up w/ for you to critique based on the info you gave me.

    How does this look?

    Thanks again!
  9. Lost on the diet...trying to put the pieces together.

    Guys and Girls Ė

    You have been so much help answering questions for me over the past few months. Iíve been posting a question here and question there, but Iím afraid Iíve somehow lost the big...
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    Is Splenda dextrose/maltodextrin

    Seems to be the #1 ingredients in Splenda.

    Does this mean after my morning workout I can throw a few packs of Splenda from the coffee station at work into my protein shake?
  11. How do you count calories for freshly prep'ed food?

    Just curious --

    I made some quesadillas last night and was lost on figuring calories.

    I do a mix of sauted veggies to stuff them with -- wouldn't it be nearly impossible to figure calories on...
  12. Thanks. Is there any way to get a quicker...


    Is there any way to get a quicker "rough" estimate to use as a starting point.

    Or is the old adage of 2000 cal/day a good starting point?
  13. How much should I put in? And can it be had at...

    How much should I put in? And can it be had at GNC (my only local health/supplement store)?

    Thanks again.
  14. how do you measure "maintanence/cutting calories"?

    Just curious how you come up with your maintanence/cutting calories?

    I'm a 5'11, 195-200lb male with about 18% BF (according to those digital scales that estimate BF %).

    I sit at a desk all...
  15. good post-workout food/drink for general fitness routine...

    Guys -

    I'm hitting the gym 2-3 times a 'true' body-building, just a genenal fitness routine. Looking to really just get in better shape, not gain mass.

    What's a good post-workout...
  16. You got it man -- just feeling the carb...

    You got it man -- just feeling the carb temptation.

    I guess after doing it for 4 months, then going off for 2 weeks its hard to get back into the swing of things.

    Funny thing is, its not even...
  17. Your opinion? Which takes more dedication/will-power: CKD or general fitness diet?

    Just curious what you guys thought?

    I did quite a bit of Keto earlier in the year and saw some good results. First time around, I had no problem getting into it -- I was living it up on high...
  18. New golf training routine...any suggestions?

    Guys -

    It looks like I'm going to need to switch the routine up a bit. As you may know, my primary intentions since getting back into the gym 9 months ago was more general health/fitness and...
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    no stretching before lifting?

    Guys -

    Does everyone stretch a bit before working out?

    Have you ever heard that "its bad to stretch a 'cold' muscle" because it could lead to injury. Seems to me it'd be more dangerous to...
  20. help evaluating my buddy's routine....

    Guys -

    This is a buddy of mine's workout/food/supplement routine. How would you rate it? Seems like a lot of non-whole items to me -- do you think they're all neccesary? He and I have kinda...
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