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  1. Info on working out neck PLEASE! high reps low reps and how often??

    hey i want my neck to get a little bigger and i know the excercises but i dont know what kind of weight i should use and if i should go heavy or light, and should i train it once twice or 3 times a...
  2. is there a difference between brown eggs and white eggs??

    i get brown eggs because they are cheaper but are they any different from white eggs? thanks-
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    Whats a good breakfast when bulking?

    Currently i have about 2 cups oatmeal, 2 - 4 whaffles with whipped cream strawberries and blueberries, and i cook 1/2 cups egg whites (the stuff thats premaid) which is equivalant to 2 eggs and i...
  4. working out muscle groups once a week? Anyone who does this please help!

    I have been training my muscles twice a week in the past and i had pretty good results. Now im thinking of working the bodypart really good and working it once a week. To anyone who does his do you...
  5. To Anyone who wrestles(highschool,college)- trying to lose 7 pounds help!

    ya wrestling started this week for me.i weighed 170 on monday with 8.5 bodyfat. im now 165-167 it keeps moving around. anyway i need to get down to under 160, i guess i could rip up my abs more(i...
  6. bodybuilding/training videos-whats the best?

    what are good bodybuilding videos that will help with adding muscle? ive seen lee priest another myth and i thought it was pretty bad. i want a few good videos probally off season videos where there...
  7. these are the dumbells...

    these are the dumbells

    so if i put a 25 on each side i could do bench, shouder...
  8. where is the best place to buy weights (plates)??

    hey im getting a golds workout equipment product (golds gym product, do you think they are good in making equipment? it seems nice) and i just need the weight plates probally 4 45 2 25 1 2.5 and not...
  9. Delphi, how much is that bench you showed, its...

    Delphi, how much is that bench you showed, its really nice. and you said you do incline dumbell shrugs, ive never heard of it, please explain.

    Johncollins, are you saying you saw the century bench...
  10. thanks for the replies. this is the one im...

    thanks for the replies. this is the one im looking to get its the power center combo bench with free leg devoloper. it says it has decline incline and flat which is what i want. does anyone know if i...
  11. anyone who uses home workout equipment please help me on choosing the right products

    hey im looking to buy some weights for home so i can just workout here, i want a incline decline and flat bench and plates, does anyone know where i can find these for cheap? i found i nice incline...
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    i just cant workout legs, when could i work...

    i just cant workout legs, when could i work shoulders?
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    im 15 about 160 im just trying to keep gaining(im...

    im 15 about 160 im just trying to keep gaining(im bluking right now) i can NOT workout legs during football season, i would be way to sore i only have saturday and sunday where i rest my legs so i...
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    i have my games on mondays where i play with no...

    i have my games on mondays where i play with no subs so no workout on monday. i can workout friday because i donnt play varsity which plays on fridays. i want to wrok out 6 times per week its a lot...
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    Someone PLEASE help- New Routine??

    im trying to set up a new 3day workout routine. ive been doing a 3 on one off 3 on one off for the last three months and now with football i cant do it like that, i need a routine that will be the...
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    thats going to be crazy, if there are breaks try...

    thats going to be crazy, if there are breaks try to bring some meall replacement drinks or tuna/chicken sandwhcih but i dont know if youll be able to do that. keep your carbs up so you can have the...
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    my schedule 1 shoulders/tris/hams 2...

    my schedule
    1 shoulders/tris/hams
    2 back/traps/abs
    3 chest/bis/
    4a legs /4boff

    when i workout my shoulders i hold the rasises at the top for 2 seconds each rep and i still dont really...
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    Shoulder routine

    hey can someone help me with my shoulder routine, im not making much progress with it. Should i do raises heavy or moderate? im going for size but i dont know if i should do heavy raises. heres what...
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