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    size is generally nothing its the lunatic who...

    size is generally nothing
    its the lunatic who smashes an ashtray over someones head or picks up a chair that wins.
    but yep ALL ELSE being equal size is an advantage i spose.
  2. stuff it im not gonna get pissd off. phreak ur...

    stuff it im not gonna get pissd off.
    phreak ur rude mate, plain rude.
    we've got a word for people like u down here but it bleeps it out if i type it so i wont bother.

    oh yeh thanks for the...
  3. what the hell is isometric contraction / static training?

    Gday all,

    I've heard of something called static training or isometric contraction, and I've tried to check it out on the internet but you always have to pay money even to find out what it is......
  4. [QUOTE=Hulk]Ok, throw out your current training...

    [QUOTE=Hulk]Ok, throw out your current training schedule. It sounds awful.

    You grow when you rest. You need recovery and training twice a day means you get NO recovery. You are only likely to burn...
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    it could be from the bike.. especially if he...

    it could be from the bike.. especially if he rides dirt.. i used to get hell sore forearms from riding when i was **** at it... but if he's getting sore arms from his road bike he's riding it wrong. ...
  6. Im pumping twice a day - but I think Im doing it wrong

    Hi all,
    Yeh Im pumping twice a day, once at around 11am and once at around 5-9 pm ... I'm doing the same muscles each day. A mate of mine reckons that I should be doing different muscles every day...
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    FOOD COMBINING - is it a crock?

    Gday all... food combining is basically not mixing carbs and protein at the same meals cause apparently it wrecks the way ur stomach digests the food... does anyone know about this, specifally has...
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    Left Pec Bigger Than Right!?

    Gday everyone,

    Yeh my left pec has always been bigger than my right since I started training - I don't want to get massive or anything, just pretty ripped, but it seems that the more I pump the...
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