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    barbell down to chest on incline bench?

    ive read in a few places the barbell should not be brought all the way down to the upper chest/collar bone when incline benching?
    what is the reason for this?
    i ask because i find it easier to...
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    incline or decline pushups for upper chest?

    ive read a few conflicting articles on the net about how to target the upper chest with pushups
    some say incline pushups others decline, which is it lol?
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    wight loss diet & post workout meal

    i am asking a q on behalf of a female freind here
    she is starting a weight loss regime
    i advised her to do weight training first followed by HIIT cardio in her workout sessions
    as i dont rely have...
  4. Thread: lunge technique

    by zahmed

    lunge technique

    im doing lunges to strengthen my legs to help with the squat
    being new to lunges i have practised with my bodyweight
    i am having trouble with my balance when stepping back to the standing position...
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    3 sets/10 reps VS 4 sets/8 reps

    i have read on here that:
    - high weight & low reps = strenth
    - low/meduim weight & high reps = muscle mass
    so my question is if i did a weight im comfortable with (not high or low) what would be...
  6. at the moment my hand placement is just otside...

    at the moment my hand placement is just otside the rings on the bar, but as i mentioned earlier its hard to tuck my elbows in when doing this...
  7. narrow grip & elbows in VS wide grip bench press

    hi guys,
    i want to increase my bench press & am having trouble with my technique, from what i have read its good to have a wide grip & also to tuck your elbows in.
    as its very hard to do both would...
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    deadlift resulting in frozen neck/trap

    i seem to be getting a 'forzen' neck the morning after i do deadlifts, this has happened about 3 times but not always
    its not my pillow or the way i sleep or the weight & i thought my form was good...
  9. im also having a hard time increasing my bench...

    im also having a hard time increasing my bench with the compund lifts routine i mentioned before, is there anything else u can advise me to do to to help as iv'e always struggled with bench press?
  10. i think i need to explain myself! i did begin to...

    i think i need to explain myself!
    i did begin to train around a year ago but had to stop due to some unforseen cicumstances but i have begun again recently
    i have decided to do compound excercizes...
  11. best way to increase wights - heavier & low reps OR lighter & high reps

    hi guys newbie here!
    what is the best way to increase the weights im lifting & therefore become stronger
    - lift heavier weight with lower reps e.g. 3 sets of 7 maybe
    - lift the lighter weight...
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    thanks for the replies its just that a few...

    thanks for the replies
    its just that a few people at the gym told me it was better not to lock my arms out at the top especially with heavier weight
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    i dont mean 2 follow the crowd but i see almost...

    i dont mean 2 follow the crowd but i see almost evreyone else use a continous motion
    im abit frustated too because i dont seem to be making any progress on the bench
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    bench press technique

    hey guys
    i have a problem with my bench press technique
    i cannot seem to use a 'continous motion' when i bench instead i pause at the top of each rep
    i guess its a mental thing but i think its...
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    Sorry I forgot to mention im using Maximuscle...

    Sorry I forgot to mention im using Maximuscle Progain (2 scoops = 500 calories)
    I am a 'hard gainer' with not much body fat so am guessing if I bulk then drop calories I am going to lose muscle, I...
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    Daniel thanks for the reply, I'm abit confused...

    Daniel thanks for the reply,
    I'm abit confused now because from what I have learned so far is in order to increase mass you must increase your normal calorie intake by around 500 calories (= protein...
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    Protein shakes dilemma.....

    Hi newbie here,
    I have been lifting for about 6 months and have started to drink protein shakes only post workout. I am thinking of drinking my shake everyday (as it says on the instructions!) in...
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