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    I am not a doctor, nor do I understand the...

    I am not a doctor, nor do I understand the problems with over or undertraining, but bloating / gas can be related to IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, which I had. I can be caused by stress, which was...
  2. Ok I need your help with this stupid question

    So lets say I am doing decline chest and I do say 6 reps at 135 to warm up, 8 reps at 155, 6 reps at 155, can I then just go down in weight to say 10 reps at 135, and 10 reps at 110 to just burn it...
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    Great, I was reading the other posts and was really not clear what bulk/cuting, hiit, etc was, now it makes a lot more sense. I really appreciate the advice, thanks a lot!!!! Looks like I have...
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    cardio vs. weight

    I am looking for some help. I used to work out and even though I have stopped lifting weights for a while I still remained quite active. I am now back in the grove. I am 165 lbs and 5'11" tall,...
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