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  1. Thread: squats

    by Tmas

    i really suck at squats, granted i just started...

    i really suck at squats, granted i just started lifting a few weeks ago. But im 6'2'' 160 (skinny i know, hence i visit the site called "wannabe" big) and ive never maxed, but i Rep 100lbs about 8...
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    BCAAs while you sleep and while you lift

    (im on WBB1 and a nutrition and sleep plan)

    I was reading that it might be a good idea to wake in the middle of the night to down a serving of some BCAAs. Would this throw off my sleep cycle,...
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    When you say "4 shakes a day" you mean...

    Basically most proteins are 20-25g of protein per serving, now when i have 3 shakes a day, im putting 2 servings in each shake for 40-50gs per shake. Is this what you guys are talking about, or does...
  4. the reason i dont like these... if you saw the...

    the reason i dont like these... if you saw the curvature in my lower back, you would know why i cant do it with correct form, i cant keep my lower back straight and bend over past like 45 degrees......
  5. Need a substitution for Straight Leg Deadlift in WBB1

    I just started WBB1 last week, and it feels great, coupled with nutrition, i think im going somewhere.

    Today was legs, and i came upon Straight Leg Deadlift, i feel very uncomfortable doing this...
  6. Can i gain 10lbs of lean mass in 14 weeks using this nutrition/supplement/exercs pln?

    I am an ectomorph with goals of gaining some lean muscle mass, with particular focus on some key areas.

    Height: 6'2''
    Weight: 160
    Fat%: 10%
    Daily Calorie burn according to...
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