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  1. need advice (havent trained in a minute/left wrist recovery)

    was gud fellows

    im 17 5'6 last weighed at 137.5 in the hospital from a left wrist fracture

    that was a month or two ago and now i've got the cast off and have done about 5 strict pushups. im not...
  2. Plz check my week regime for overtraining errors ect

    Monday Targets - Chest, Shoulders, Tris
    Wide Pushups.
    1. 30
    2. 20
    3. 15
    Incline Bench Press.
    Load: 88 lbs.
    1. 8
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    ^ thanx n upz 4 mo advice

    ^ thanx n upz 4 mo advice
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    does a 3x5 3 day split sound good?

    im 17 trying to evaluate my training regimen. i was wondering which day should i include barbell shrugs

    monday -

    pushup 3x5
    benchpress 3x5
    overhead press 3x5
    front lateral raise 3x5
  5. ^ thanks homie ima get something goen first thing...

    ^ thanks homie ima get something goen first thing tomarrow
  6. bench

  7. 17 year old in need of good routine(bulk)

    was gud ironheads im 17 weigh 138 and im 5'6 with a 1rep max of 64lbs each side of bar(15 lb bar) i usually work with 50 each side but im thinking of going back down to 44lbs and formatically...
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