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  1. wow

    u had 20's bodyfat on tanita scales with a 28inch waist??
    something is wrong with those scales then
    do u have big legs?, i happen to have big legs but with much less fat on them than on the rest of...
  2. thanks geoff

    thanks for your post, i dont see myself as an athlete, i understand i might have much more bodyfat and skin that most lean-since young- guys
    i always tought that my bodyfat measurements taken at...
  3. the usual i need real help! questioning bodyfat scales

    heres a long post
    i was a fat kid, teen, guess very endomorphic, max weight had been around 280lbs, but i lost most of it quick by mid 20's and went down to 175#, started exercise, i am in mid...
  4. Replies

    extreme obesity

    what do u think of young guys with extreme obesity?
    meaning over 400#?
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