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    chest once or twice a week?

    I have been working chest once a week for a very long time would it hurt to do it twice? say mondays and fridays?
  2. decline barbell or dumbell for lower pec size?

    I always use dumbells for decline. do you think if i started using barbell it would help my lower chest get bigger?
  3. Is it Normal to Get a Gut during Off-season?

    im doing show in july of 04. Right now im just trying to get as big as i can. But im getting a big gut. But im aslo getting stronger and more muscle.I know when it comes april (12 weeks Out) i will...
  4. here is some advise

    Looks like you are workin out really hard so keep up the good work. I see that you get in about 30 grams of protein at each meal. as long as you are getting a gram and a half of protein per body...
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