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  1. strange pain in back for two weeks and destroying lifting

    ive asked my lifting buddies about this and even my parents (who are both doctors) and haven't had any luck in figuring out what it is.

    i do not think this is an injury resulting from lifting. The...
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    yep i do them just like the guy in the video i...

    yep i do them just like the guy in the video

    i am thinking it is the full range of motion...i am having trouble judging though...what happens if i can't go all the way up?

    my bench form is not...
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    ugh, cant do shrugs!

    A little about myself:

    I've been skinny my whole life. I started lifting 2-3 years ago and eating right. Gained 30 pounds. In some exercises, I'm doing 3x the weight as when I started.

    The one...
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