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    Road To the WABDL Worlds!!

    With less than a month remaining, who is in and who is out. Also, who is making the trip to Sin City to watch another awesome year of DL/BP culminate. Not only will the testosterone be...
  2. Video-Tony Caprari and Richard Hawthorne Wabdl DL World Records!!!


    Some sweet footage of Tony's 774 and Richard's 600 # Dl show up.
    Both have sweet 1st and 2nd attempts.
  3. Ya, Tee has always been an animal.

    All 3 guys could pull 800 at either class. It has been around 16 years since a sub 200# US lifter has went over 800 and never in the 81's. I think Tom is doing the best by cutting very little weight...
  4. Sweet, thanks

    I have been promised thatTony and Richard's lifts are coming. They are having problems convering it from IFO to another format so Youtube will accept it.
  5. Try and get a video put on Youtube of Tom DLing!!

    I have never seen him pull. It would be cool if you can get a vid put on Youtube. I am working on getting Tony and Richard's WR pulls put on there.
  6. Tony is Undefeated Head to Head when its DL Time!!

    Sounds good,

    They are both really light 98's and could Both be the best ever at both 81's and 98's, but head to head Tony is clutch. I can count on one hand the # of times he has not placed first...
  7. Congratulations to Caprari and Hawthorne on setting new World Records!!!!!!!!

    Just a short recap from this morning, Both guys destroyed their openers Tony at 727# and Rich @ 551#. The crowd quickly chanted for the World Record second attempts. Without hesitation, Richard...
  8. Let the Big lifts begin in a few hours!!

    Tony and Rich both weighed in holding Double big Mac's. Both came in extremely light with Caprari @195 and Hawthorne @129. They both said they ate fast food the whole way to Texas in an attempt to...
  9. Well all is well for the meet on Sunday!!!

    The Hurricane was a no show at the meet sight and it looks like the only destuction that will occur is going to happen at meet time. My predictions for the meet are both guys finishing with records....
  10. Thank the Lord for minimal damage during the Hurricane!!


    Gustav managed to little damage and hopefully there will be no postponement fo the the meet on 9/7. I am sure ready to see Tony and Rich back in action and, I am anticipating real damage to...
  11. Lets pray that Hurricane Gustav takes it easy on the South!!!


    Tony and Rich closed out an impressive training camp for their meet next weekend in Houston just in time to prepare for Hurricane Gustav. As it looks now, the storm is taking a path directly...
  12. Just watched some trng footage from the 8/22 workout!!

    Just got some Top Secret training videos that leaked out via some cell phone intel. The quality of the vids is decent, but the lifts are insane period. Tony and Richard are doing a good job of...
  13. Recent Training Update

    Here are some sweet pics from the end of there most recent DL day. Tony finished w/ 3x1@ 750 and Richard finished w/ one @ 575. Stay tuned for more. These two are looking great. Yes, the inside...
  14. Any other meet hype? SGT ROCK? Anyone keep the...

    Any other meet hype? SGT ROCK? Anyone keep the thread alive.
  15. TTT, Ya Doc is a monster sumo puller. Richard...


    Ya Doc is a monster sumo puller. Richard has his share of full meets with impressive DL's also. Richard is picking up where he left off several years ago and continue to set records. Not only...
  16. A refocused Tony Caprari and Richard Hawthorne more explosive than ever!!! Updated!!!

    For the true DL fans,

    I thought it would be good to provide a little hype for the Sept. 7th meet in Humble, Texas. If you have never seen or still have the images of the 'Titan' Tony's textbook...
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