So a few weeks ago, on one (fairly light) set of squats, I had a bad rep. Not too bad, but I felt like my weight was a little too far forward and I felt a pain in the front of my right hip joint. It remained on subsequent attempts to squat.

I squat ATF with my feet about shoulder-width-and-a-quarter and a comfortable angle out on the knees and feet.

I took a few weeks off after that day for a couple reasons (this pain being one of them), and I've been starting to get back into it.

At first, the pain would occur when doing even a single bodyweight squat. Then after a while it would only show up after maybe 8 bodyweight squats in a row. Then I could feel it doing a 135 lb squat. Recently I only started to feel it after a few reps at 135.

Has anyone experienced this before? I'm not exactly sure what is injured. It doesn't feel like a muscle or tendon, because I don't feel like it is limiting my lift. I can lift through it, but that doesn't sound responsible to me unless it's a type of injury that responds well to working through it.

At its worst, the area feels tight when I stretch as in a bridge. Perhaps a ligament was strained?

Should I just keep trying to squat gradually more, stopping when (or just before) it starts to hurt?
Any other recover tips? I really want to get back to being able to squat so I can get back on Bill Starr's 5x5.