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Thread: why am I not gaining?

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    why am I not gaining?

    Ok i'm still 127lbs sometimes I go up a few pounds some times I go down a couple of pounds. My goal has always been to get to 135lbs. I'm 5ft6 so that's why i'm quite light but being "slim" makes me look even smaller. I've been doing SS for about 8 weeks now and yes i've missed a few sessions but I have been consistant. I've also been to the gym and done my routine they set up for me there which can be seen here:

    I also jog alot and do a hell alotof cardio so i'm thinking that maybe the fat is going and the muscle is comming but there meeting half way (if that makes sense, i'm losing fat and gaining muscle so the weight is staying around the same). I really cannot see why i'm not gaining. I'm eating and drinking as well as possible and nothing is happening.

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    Starting Strength is far superior to the routine that they designed for you at the gym. You should really try to find a squat rack so you can continue doing SS.

    You're not gaining weight because you're burning as many calories as you are eating. Either eat more or do less cardio. Or both.

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    Eat more, burn less. simple.

    Post what you ate yesterday. If you lie about it you're only hurting yourself so be honest.

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    Drop the cardio. Go back to SS and give it a real go. Eat like your next meal may never come.

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    I am exactly like you dude, only an inch shorter. Have you figured out your "body type" yet? if your an endomorph, you will gain very less

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    Quote Originally Posted by itscoldoutside View Post
    I am exactly like you dude, only an inch shorter. Have you figured out your "body type" yet? if your an endomorph, you will gain very less
    Piss on what bodytype you are! It doesn't matter!
    If your real goal is to get up in size and strength then you are not training in the most efficent way. You need to cut the cardio/running down to one session a week,eat,eat,eat,eat,rest and lift heavy.Do SS the way it is wrote,it was designed for guys just like you.Don't do anything else. You need to disregard the little bit of fat you might gain on the way up,sounds like you could burn it back off in no time! Forget about clean eating for a couple months,eat fast food,ice cream,pizza,lots of meat and of course whole milk. Eat,Eat! Eat when your not hungry,eat when your bored! If you do that for two months and don't gain then reevaluate!

    This is a good thread!
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    You aren't eating enough. /Thread.

    I know it isn't the answer all the time guys, but in this case it certainly is.

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