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Thread: Some progress pictures!

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    Some progress pictures!

    The last set of pictures I took were in May (here). Here's my progress so far after about three and a half months of working out. I still need to gain a lot of weight but things are a bit unorganized for me right now so it's hard to get it done. I will start once things stabilize.

    Can anyone explain why my back looks like that when I'm flexing? Kinda freaks me out!

    One thing I'd like to work more on are my shoulders. I really want to get that kind of rounded shoulder look, if you know what I'm talking about. I feel my shoulders are too small.

    I also need some more chest work. Particularly the "upper" part of my chest (I know the consensus on these boards is your chest is one muscle, but I want to work that area so it looks like a male model's). Like this, of course, I know I'm far from getting to that, but you get the idea of what I want.
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    You are very symmetrical which is a great thing. Just keep gaining size overall.

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    your definately headed in the right direction for the look you want to achieve... keep doing what you're doing.
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