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Thread: knee pain question.

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    knee pain question.

    OK, this doesn't sound as bad as it seems. But I've been very physcially active in the last 3 weeks with my move to Europe. I don't have a car so I ride my bike everywhere, I also walk a lot more. Back in America I would sit down all day and just drive everywhere,.

    I've noticed that my knees hurt, especially when riding the bike. Its not a very bad bad pain, but it seems to be lingering. My leg muscles also hurt a bit, but the joint pain worries me more. I didn't have any problems in America when I was a lot less active.

    SO my question, should I be less active until the pains go away? Will I do any damage to my joints if I Just ride through the pain?

    Sombody asked me to do a bike trip this weekend, could be some miles, I'm wondering if I should just do it or not put the stress on my joints until the pain goes away?

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    Never "ride through the pain"...ever. You should go get your knees checked out by a professional. You might want to hold off on the trip until you delve deeper into the situation.
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