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Thread: Help! Low carb dieting made me a carbophobe!

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    Help! Low carb dieting made me a carbophobe!

    Let me start off by saying that I've done pretty well with my cut. I went from 204 to 191 in 8 weeks. I ate 4 (every 3 hours) times a day plus a snack. Each day I shot for around 225g protein, 90-100g fats, and I started at 150g carbs in the beginning and tapered it down until I was getting 50g on workout days and at most 30g on off days. I used FitDay to track my diet and it kept me honest!

    I'm tapering my calories back up now, but I don't know how high I should be going! I'm afraid of gaining too much fat in relation to muscle. Are there any recommendations for how many grams of carbohydrates per day to gain muscle? As I understand it, protein and fats intake should be determined by bodyweight (1-1.5g/lb for protein and at least 0.5g/lb for fats), but what about carbohydrates?

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    You have to determine what your daily macros should be when taking your basal metabolic rate, then fill in the carbs with the leftover calories.

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