Here is some of my workout routine below

Monday Weight training (60 minutes)
Tuesday Aerobic exercise (60 minutes)
Wednesday Weight training (60 minutes)
Thursday fast pace walking up hills too (60 minutes)
Friday Weight training (60 minutes)
Saturday exercise bike (45 minutes)
Sundays Off

on the weight training even though i started back in
september of 06 i still consider myself a beginner.

bench- chest 30 lbs max for me
abs- full set of crunches 20 reps each
pushups sit ups 50 each
arms- useing dumbells 30 lbs 10 to 15 reps
legs- 30 lbs squats 20 reps
barbell- curls 20 reps
barbell- squats 20 reps

basicily i just want to get rid of my belly fat and mid
section fat too. i am seeing some slight results and starting to
take shape and loseing the fat i also have the resistance tubes
any other advice would be appreciated...