alright well ive been lifting for a few months now, and I have read my a ss off on everything I can get my hands on about lifting and diet and stuff. well i was liftin with a friend today and he kept questioning like everything I did, like with the technique wise. And I told him a bunch of different people have showed me it this way, Ive watched videos. But the only thing that I do have a question about is,
when you guys do incline bench do you guys go down to like your chin or all the way to the chest?
seated hammer rows, shouldnt you turn your back with it, because like when you do it with your back straight you are going to be working the rhombius(i think) half of the way and then your bis the other half?
barbell rows, i do it like most of the videos but usually on my last set which is when i add the most weight i tend to jerk it up. is this like completely bad?

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