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Thread: Jordan's climb to 200lbs! (Caution amateur inside)

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    Jordan's climb to 200lbs! (Caution amateur inside)

    My Biography
    My name is Jordan, I live in Moberly, Missouri. I'm 19 years old and I've just recently stopped growing up, and enabled my body to .. well grow out (aka filling out). I've been spending the summer putting up tents for my grandparents business, it's required me to drive hundreds of stakes with a 16lb maul, as a result I've gained some weight and now I'm thirsty for more.

    As of the last few years I weighed around 130-140lbs, and i'm 5'11. As you can imagine that makes me pretty skinny. I've been working hard the last few months, along with doing push ups, pull ups and bicycles and eating hearty. I now weight 150lb, and I want to weight more. I'm starting college next fall and I want to hit 200 by then!

    My first step was to dig up an old rusty bench press from my grandparents back yard and sign up here. Now i've gotten a lot of good advice / feedback from my thread here.

    My routine is this:
    Bench Press
    Overhead Press

    Tuesday: Relax

    Pull Ups
    Barbell Rows

    Thursday: Relax

    Bench Press
    Overhead Press

    Saturday: Relax

    Pull Ups
    Barbell Rows
    I'm going to eat hearty, with calories, and protein in mind. I'm taking a 25g protein shake along with at least 50g of carbohydrate (from yogurt, etc) 1 hour before workout, and the same 1 hour after workout.

    Today is my first day lifting, and I'm going to post my numbers / weight here.

    Since I'm new to lifting and I don't know the technique it was suggested I do 2x sets at 6 reps.

    Please make as many suggestions / comments as you feel needed.

    (Post with weight / weights soon to come)
    (I'll post pictures on Monday as well)
    Amateur Weightlifter here!
    Jordan's climb to 200lbs! (Caution amateur lifting inside)
    Current status: 155lb, 45lb from 200lb.

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    Hey man. You've picked up the right hobby!
    As far as the routine goes, what are your sets and reps going to look like? You planning on 5x5? All I'm going to say is that I have an almost identical routine as yours, and it can be quite taxing. Make sure to get your form down perfect and get tons of good rest.
    Good luck!
    Age: 20
    Height: 5-9
    Weight:~160 @ 13-15 bf%?....starting figure after nearly a year of battling CFS/ not too bad imo.
    Max Lifts:
    Don't know anymore..don't care atm.

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    Good luck man....I myself am bulking to 200lbs. Just make sure you eat enough calories to put on some pounds. I will be checking in to see how you progress.
    Age: 19 / Height: 6'1 / Status: Bulking


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    Welcome to the journals section.


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