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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

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Thread: Shaving bumps

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    Senior Member 235orbust's Avatar
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    Shaving bumps

    Everytime i shave, I get kitty bumps all over the place. Its just stupid at this point, I have literally spent probably over 60 dollars on shaving supplies to counteract this and nothing works. Im desperate at this point, does anyone have any tricks to keep these hideous looking things from appearing?
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    Crrrrrrrrrrest!!!!! mikey4402's Avatar
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    are you shaving properly?

    Are you shaving aganst the hairs in long smooth swips? Are you blades sharp?
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    use veet or something like that

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    I can't shave for that same reason so I just trim my hair very short. I've seen the Derm and he told me it's my hair getting stuck under my skin as it grows. When I use to compete I waxed b/c it wouldn't mess me up.
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    phil 4:13 Bako Lifter's Avatar
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    There's already a pretty long shaving thread if you search for it.

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    baby powder.
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    Try shaving with the grain.
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    Also take your time shaving. You don't want to have your face messed up by rushing or not using clean shaving supplies. Also shave with the hair and not against it.

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    I Piss Excellence DeHartD's Avatar
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    try an electric razor rather than a blade... if you havent done so already

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    Re-Dedicated midee1's Avatar
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    My wife uses an aspirin crushed up in glycerin. She says it helps a bunch.
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    Peanut Butter. I saw it on the Discovery channel. Three dudes shaved with shaving creame, Peanut butter and ketchup. The guy shaving with PB had the smoothest and the guy with ketchup had the worst.
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    Daddy K.
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    Lube. More lube the better, and keep that razor soaked at all times.

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